Some comments from my customers...

All comments were unsolicited. Editing was done only to correct spelling.

The pen arrived and I'm just wowed by the beauty and craftsmanship... It fits beautifully in my hand... the weight, balance and profile are just perfect... Thanks, again, for the wonderful piece.

I finally got a chance to really take a look at my new pen in the daylight and play with it... just wanted to thank you again for such a masterfully crafted piece. I love the feel of it in my hand... the shape - quite sensual, really - and the balance are superb. The elegant thinness to the cap lip is, well, elegant. I'm just thrilled and proud to own this wonderful example of your work.

Bob Wallack

I received the pen today - It is beautiful. The color, pattern, your workmanship, and the nib are all first rate. Even the blind cap lines up perfectly with the pattern. Love the pen, my friend. Thanks a bunch.


I just wanted to let you know that after carrying and using my Corsini pen, I continue to gain more respect for it. For the pen holder (as LE Waterman might have called it 1884), it isn't just the looks--the proportions and weight are just right for writing and the HR meaning that as huge as it is, it is quite light. And the nib is set perfectly--ink flow is great and---patting myself on the back--that is a great nib for this pen. Anyway, thanks again, many times, for this amazing pen.

Dan Carmell

The Corsini Demonstrator arrived a short time ago. Let me say, I am VERY impressed; it is one of the nicest, if not THE nicest, Demonstrator in my collection and I am tickled pink with it.

Jack Dugrew

It is finally here - with a lovely EF stub courtesy of Deb Kinney - and it's beautiful! Please accept and extend my thanks (to Bruce) on a job well done. I am particularly pleased by the fit of the cap, the design of the clip, the weight of the pen, really....the whole darn thing. It does have to go into the "Christmas" closet for now, but I can assure you that it will be pressed into immediate and regular use when it is officially in my hands.

Faye Pearce

I picked up the package from the post office today--and I love the pen! It is really beautiful and also writes wonderfully. The GF clip and crescent really look sharp on that brown/gold/reddish material. I was surprised to see the threads in the barrel end--nice touch for posting plus it looks subtly decorative as well. The pen's balance is nice with or without posting... Thank you so much for this beautiful work of art and function! Your work is wonderful, count me as an admirer and feel free to give my name as a reference.

Kim Sosin

The white crescent filler pen arrived just before lunchtime today. I am very delighted with it. Thanks ever so much on a great job.

Jack Dugrew

I think that his time you have surpassed pen making and crossed the line into work of art territory.

Stephan Miller

The pen is absolutely fabulous! I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it. A true work of art... I'm still writing almost daily with it and will never part with it.

Truse Pretto

...I got the pen. It looks and performs great. Thank you for your time and attention on this project.

Mike Baum

Thanks for the great work. I am very happy... I have been using the new pen and must tell you, it is wonderful. A great looker and the nib is perfect. Love it.

Alan Gordee

The pen arrived today, and it is just beautiful!  I'm glad you did the bit of knurling/detail on the end of the barrel, even though this is a crescent filler and not a pneumatic filler.  Just a nice bit of detail on the smooth barrel. I love the crescent, and the ring turns just right--not too easily, but smoothly. 
I love the HR, and I think the big old Wahl nib looks good in the pen too. Thanks so much--it has been a real pleasure doing business with you.  Might just have to do this again!

Shari Zeck

I must write you to express my absolute joy in using my new Crescini! It is a beautiful writing instrument. The smell of the hard rubber material adds to the experience above and beyond the amazing tactile qualities provided by such a beautiful RHR. I must apologize, but my pen is by far the most attractive piece you have made to date!

Brett McKim